Here are some of my shining students’ testimonials:


“I first learned chess when I was in Kindergarten where I had learned the basic moves and simple strategy. I loved the game but could not continue due to other activities that I got busy with. When I was in 4th grade, I was inspired to start chess lessons again after I attended my first tournament at my school district. That’s when I started learning chess from Lauren. I learned a lot from her and she encouraged me to join USCF and play in rated tournaments. I have played in 8 tournaments (4 trophies so far) and it has been fun!  I also won an all girls tournament held at the Belmont Library.  Lauren is a great chess coach and is passionate about the game. She is a nationally ranked player and has had a lot of success in her chess career. She is especially keen on inspiring more girls to play chess since chess is a male dominated game. She is very patient, kind and encouraging and makes chess lessons fun! Lauren is very supportive and makes time to attend tournaments and go over the games of her students and cheer them on. I would highly recommend Lauren as a chess coach!”– ARUNA, Age 11


Prahalad“Lauren is a very kind and patient teacher. She has helped me improve my chess skills considerably from the time I started taking lessons with her. When I started learning chess from her about a year ago, my rating was 546. It is now 814. She is very knowledgeable about the game and gives me several ways to learn and practice the game. We do chess puzzles, play full games, play bug house and practice end-game strategies. She is very supportive of me and comes to my chess tournaments to support me and her other students. She helps me analyze my games after the tournaments. Most of all, she makes chess interesting and fun for me. She is really a “good kind”! I highly recommend Lauren as a chess teacher.”– PRAHALAD MITRA, Age 12


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